Friday, December 11, 2009

What Is A Home Church?

by Molly Noble Bull

A home church is exactly what the name implies. Instead of worshipping in a church building, worship takes place in individual homes, and home churches are as different as denominations. I want to hear about yours. But I would like to begin by telling a little about the one I attend.
To me, a home church means that all the tithes go to the poor and needy instead of to pay for air conditioning, pastor's salary, etc. The home is the church building, and the pastor or pastors are fellow members.
Our home-church is pretty conservative. By choice, the women in our group do not preach or teach the men. Though we ask questions and give our opinions openly during Bible study, when we have a communion service, we close our mouths and let the men speak.
(I find this hard to do since I like to talk.)
We try to pattern our home-church from the early church in Paul's time, and the women also cover their heads during prayer as Paul said to do. We believe in healing, gifts of the spirit and casting out demon just as Jesus and his disciples did. We sing and have a lot of fun, and our joy often explodes into laughter. I think home church is the wave of the future. If one day worshipping the Lord is outlawed, perhaps we will meet in secret.

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  1. Thanks for bringing up this topic, Molly. I love my little home church, too. I like the spontaneity of our meetings, and the differing levels of belief and understanding. We have retired ministers with Bible school degrees, new believers and everything in between, and are free to share as they feel led. It’s a small home, and we are sometimes packed in, but since we all love each other, we find room for everyone. It’s like a family; people come from miles around. Some bring their children, who are cute and well behaved.
    We start with a potluck and general visiting, then we sing and worship. We always have communion, which, to me, is the highlight of the gathering.
    If one has a scripture to bring to the group, another has a song, someone else will speak a short exhortation to love our Lord and worship him. If someone requests special prayer, we take time to pray, with several laying hands on the person, and everyone praying as they feel led.
    The meetings are not planned, but through the week many of us, especially the husband and wife (who are hosts) pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to a deeper walk with our Lord. And he always does. One thing we have that the big-building churches don’t have is the sense of family and responsibility.
    Yes, sometimes our topicse get off onto side trips, but someone will gently lead us back into order.
    It’s a big job for the host and hostess, so we meet every other Sunday afternoon. I’m so appreciative for their work and love for our little family/group. God has really blessed us, and I look forward to those alternate Sundays.